Christmas Tradition

I love decorating our Christmas Tree.  Every year the girls become more excited about it and understand a little more about the symbolism of Christmas as we talk about it.

One of our favorite traditions is on the night we decorate the tree we don’t cook dinner. 
Instead, I serve cold meats and cheeses with crackers or bread.
Along with that, we always have an assortment of mustard, strong German pickles, etc.
So when I received a box of Hickory Farms goods as a part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program, I knew exactly what we would use it for. (Especially since that’s what we usually buy anyways! : )

So the day we decorated our tree I put out our nicest tablecloth on the table and lit some candles.
Put out our nicest dishes, a beautiful red glass set that were my grandmothers.
We poured goblets of sparking cider and as we were eating I reminisced about similar traditions my parents had.  I was quite the Daddy’s girl when I was little, and if he went somewhere I was surely closely behind.
I recall going into the Hickory Farms store in the mall and helping him pick out some things to take home every Christmastime. 

He would have loved the dinner, and I wish he were still here to come.  But I feel quite blessed that my Mom lives with us and can see us caring on traditions that she enjoyed creating with my father.  If anyone deserves a thank you in my life, the biggest would have to go to my Mom.  She has made the adjustment of living with us, been my biggest supporter through all the trials of bringing home a 3 1/2 pound baby almost 2 months early, dealing with Autism later on, and all that comes with it.  My daughters will have the most amazing memories to look back on when they are older.  They live in a home surrounded by those who love them the most. 

Oh, and the food was wonderful! Lucy’s pet “kitty kitty” really loved the cheese! ; )
(Okay, so kitty is a puppet… that likes to get her in trouble- you wouldn’t believe all the things that cat gets into!)
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