Words of Cheer (or Chicken Wire Frame)

My fifth grade teacher was amazing.  Mrs.Farmer.  She was the first teacher I recall having that I would call a “kindred spirit”.  She talked to me more like an adult than a child, which I liked from a fairly young age.  I was an avid book reader, and she really encouraged me in that area.
She had something called “words of cheer” she had her students do.  Every day, she wrote an inspirational quote on the chalkboard and we had to copy it.  At the end of the year we made a cover and she sewed all our pages together so we each had a book with our “words of cheer” to keep.  I still have mine. 🙂
Since then I have always loved having inspirational little quotes and passages from favorite books around.  I’ve been wanting to make something to rotate favorites on for awhile now, and finally got around to it. 🙂
I found a big frame for only $11 in a vintage type store so I figured it was time.
I painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint (Provence color) and finished with clear wax.  It was a bright green before, so i left a few streaks of that to show through.
Stapled chicken wire on the back,
then attached a 1 by 2 to the back, then screwed that into the wall. ( I also attached a 1 by 2 to the bottom of the frame, so it would have a little room between the frame and the wall, this makes using the clothespins easier to me.
Then I put some of my washi tape to use and put it on some small clothespins.
PS Martha Stewart makes some skinnier washi tape that fits perfect on the little clothespins, otherwise the wider rolls of washi can be cut in half lengthwise to make 2 per width.

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