Time Timer Review



I’m not sure this is considered a timer.  I think life changer is more adequate.  Time Timer sent me their newest timer the “Time Timer Plus” and we are totally sold on these amazing timers.  Having a kiddo with Autism, the ability to visually see that red section shrink as the time passes has made the difference between her understanding and not understanding.  I have used timers before for her to try to help her understand how long she needed to work on schoolwork, or wait to have time on the computer, etc.  Until using this timer it never seemed to make sense for her.
I think if you are using it for a child with special needs or even just kids in general, you’ll find it super helpful.  It is completely silent as it runs and you can choose how loud you want the buzz to be when time’s up, or opt for no sound at all.  The buzz is not annoying or super loud, but loud enough that you’ll notice it.  And I love that I can look across the room and see how much time is left on it.  The main difference with this model and their other models is that the face of this model is completely enclosed, which if you have young children who might mess with the face it is most definitely worth it.  They do carry other styles as well as watches and I think the small 3 inch timers would be very handy for when we’re on the go, and the watch might be the only one Amelia will do well with too.
Finally, a timer that works!  This thing is a life saver.  Go check out their website, timetimer.com to see all their great timers.

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