Tie Dye Scooby Doo Cake


Have you ever tried a tie-dye cake? They are easier than you think and super fun to do with kids.  You can really do these in any colors you like as well.  Think purple and orange for Halloween, red and green for Christmas, pink and white for a flowery cake.. you get the idea.  It’s super easy, here’s how.

Separate cake batter into 6 equal portions and color.


Decide what order you want the colors in, then pour your first color in the prepared pans.  Each color should be poured into the center, the weight of the batter will push the other colors out to the edge.


Repeat until batter is used.


Bake as usual.


And decorate! We used our trusty Marshmallow Fondant recipe to make a Scooby-Doo to go on top.


The fun part is cutting into this cake!


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