The 25 Days Of Christ


We try to keep Christmas less about presents and more about.. well, Christmas.  Traditions play a big part in that.  We really enjoy the little things during this season and my girls can’t get enough “light hunts”! (I pack a picnic for the car and we go for a drive and look for the best Christmas light display!)  A friend told me about The 25 Days of Christ in November and knew I wanted to do it.  While I thought about doing it myself, and making all the ornaments, I knew I wouldn’t get around to it in time.  Winter seems to be when chaos is cued around here.  Last year my husband cut his fingers on the table saw, this year our dog had to have surgery.  I’m pretty sure every year there’s been something!
I did do a little work to finish it, since we got the unfinished ornament set, but honestly, it took me a couple hours in total to do a little minimal painting of the ornaments.
I bought the muslin drawstring bags on Amazon, you can get them on etsy as well.  Stamped the numbers on the bags and tied a small bell to the strings and placed them all in a small crate.  We started on the first of December, and each night we watch a video (only a couple minutes long), read a passage of scriptures, a short quote, and place the corresponding ornament on a small tree.  You start with Christ’s birth, then follow his life after that.  I have it set up on our coffee table where we will all see it often.  There is a corresponding picture to go with most days so I set up an easel so we can display that each day.
I feel like our Christmas has been so meaningful and I know we will definitely do this every year.  I can’t think of a better way to keep the true Christmas spirit than by following the life of Christ through December.   I see that The 25 Days of Christ are sold out, but you can get on their waiting list for next year.


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