Teddy Bear Tea Party

If you have littles, a teddy bear tea party is something you need to do.  Some years ago my daughter wanted one for her birthday.
I wondered if her friends were getting a little old for one but what ensued was pure magic.  We sent each girl an invitation with a miniature invitation to her #1 teddy.  They were so excited and it was just the sweetest day.

Each girl was given a simple handmade bear.

The menu was simple and just what a teddy would want to have with his favorite girl.

Gummy berries, teddy grahams, and some bit of honey (This really was some years ago! My daughter is now allergic to tree nuts so these would be a no-go now!)

Muddy bear parfaits.  Just some chocolate pudding, whipped cream, and teddy graham crumble.  Topped with a very muddy (chocolate dipped) gummy bear.

You can’t have a tea party without fairy bread.. or fairy bears rather!

And of course some honey cake.

The cake was my favorite.  I made the decorations with marshmallow fondant.

This bear particularly enjoyed the treats!


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