Teapot Cake

If you know me at all.. okay, maybe even a little.. you probably know that I have a thing for teacups and teapots and tea parties (of course!).   I recently threw a cousins “un birthday” party (Alice in Wonderland themed of course) and it seemed the perfect time to try making a teapot cake.  My youngest is becoming quite the kitchen helper and we made it together.  I promise it’s easy!
Here’s what I used:
Cake of choice, baked in a round bowl
Marshmallow fondant
Tylose Powder
Martha Stewart Romantic themed silicone molds
Big Sugar Pearls (I couldn’t find these online, but I did buy them at JoAnns.  They were in a Christmas blend, red white and green, but they have other colors too).

Put a thin layer of frosting on the cake.
Roll the marshmallow fondant out.  I go for in between 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick.
Gently lay fondant over cake and smooth over sides.

Use a knife to cut the excess off around the edge.
Now… let’s pretend I took more pictures in the process of making it.  But I was having too much fun with a very excited 8 year old sous chef!
For the details, you’ll want to add some tylose to some marshmallow fondant.  This will harden it some so it will hold it’s shape better.  My rule is 1 tsp tylose per 1 lb of fondant.
I don’t mix up more than I’m using, so if I do 1/4 lb fondant I’ll only add 1/4 tsp tylose.
Form a handle, then using a toothpick in each end of it, insert into cake.
Now form a spout and insert with a toothpick as well.
Then for the top roll out the fondant and cut a circle out, then roll a ball for the top.  Put a toothpick through all into the cake.
Form 2 hearts out of red using a mold (or decorate some other way).  Use a dab of frosting to glue one on each side.
Add a small line of frosting around the base of the cake and also the lid.  Add the sugar pearls.
For the rose on top I used this method here (You basically overlap circles, roll it up, then cut in half to get 2 roses).
I used a dab of frosting to “glue” it to the top.

That little rose makes my heart happy! 🙂
And done!

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