Scooby Doo Party

My youngest LOVES Scooby Doo so for her last birthday we of course had a Scooby Doo theme.
I have a few rules about birthdays:
1. We’re not breaking the bank, a kid’s birthday party should be fun, but also inexpensive.
2. If we’re going to have a “theme” it’s because we’re going to spend time together making fun things.

We thought of some pretty fun things for the Scooby Doo theme, and had lots of fun making them together.
First up, hamburger “cake pops”.  Directions here.

And of course Scooby would want some hot dogs to go with the burgers!


Orange Soda.. I mean, Jinkies Juice.



The cake was probably her favorite thing to make.  We found some ideas on pinterest for making a fondant scooby.
We used our trusty Marshmallow fondant of course.


More directions on making it here.

DSC07207 DSC07209

For activities they make their own pizzas.


And played the “mummy game”.

DSC07223 DSC07226 DSC07228

And pin the tag on scooby.


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