Rudolph Wreath

Rudolph Wreath


One of my favorite things about the holidays, besides the baking, is all the fun crafts and festivities with my kids.  We made this last year and they had so much fun making it!  You can use an old hat and gloves (I picked up some at the dollar tree).    The other supplies were just things we all ready had.

Green wreath
Brown knit hat
Pom Pom’s, 2 large white and 1 large white
Black or brown felt or foam
Brown knit gloves
Ribbon bow
stuffing for hat (I used a bunch of disposable plastic sacks)
Make antlers: trace hands on cardboard and cut out.  Insert inside gloves and set aside.
Make ears and eyes: cut 2 triangles from felt or foam for ears, make a pleat in the middle and staple.  Cut 2 circles for eyes.  Glue onto white pom poms.
Fill the hat with filler and cut a circle from cardboard.  Insert the cardboard circle into the hat and glue the edge of the hat to the circle to keep the filler in.
Wire pine cones to wreath, then attach ears and antlers by either gluing or using wire.
Do the same for the face, eyes, nose, and bow.

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