Reviewed- The Ultimate Fish Sticks

I am not a big “fish stick” fan. Frozen minced remnants of once was part of a fish. (I assume). But my sister Christy recommended these, and she has pretty good food taste, especially being the world traveller and all, so I decided to give these a go.  Christy and I both love to cook, but we both can appreciate a quick dinner when needed. She works long hours at Nike and has 4 busy kids and a hubby to feed.  Since I go to Costco fairly often (you know, they have the best baby wipes around : ) Last time I was there I grabbed a bag.

At $12.99 for 4 lbs I think they’re very economical.  The bag contains 60 “fish sticks” made from whole fillets of Wild Alaska Pollock.
No Preservatives, No Artificial Ingredients, Minimally Processed as the bag states.
They bake up in 11-13 minutes.  We used them in our fish tacos and I was surprised by how much fish was there. They are definetely more like a lightly breaded piece of fish than a “fish stick”.
We also liked that there wasn’t any greasiness to them. So, YES I reccommed these go in your freezer for those crazy nights. I think next time we’ll try them with lemon wedges and some baked steak fries. Yum!

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  1. Thank you for your glowing review of one of the products me and my fellow co-workers produce. It is very nice to see that our hard work is appreciated.

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