Pressure cooking beans

One of my favorite kitchen tools is my Cuisinart electric pressure cooker
If you’ve ever used stove-top pressure cooker before, forget everything about that.  It’s so easy and simple to use. 
Throw your ingredients in, lock the lid, and press a few buttons.  I bought mine a few years ago at Costco for about $70 and I think it has paid for itself. 
My dislike for sludgy canned beans were a big reason for buying one.  They are so expensive compared to dried (and also never quite as good), but some days you just don’t have time (or didn’t plan ahead enough) to cook dried beans.  Now I can cook UN-soaked dried beans quickly and they turn out great.  I also like the pressure cooker for cooking meats quickly, especially things like pork to shred for tacos, or pulled pork sandwiches, whole chickens, etc. 
What I love to do is cook a large batch (especially of Garbanzo beans, which I use frequently), and freeze them after they are cooked.  That way I have cooked beans on hand for a quick batch of hummus whenever the needs arises.  If you don’t have a pressure cooker, you could cook a big batch of dried beans on your stove top and do the same thing. 
 A little work and planning ahead of time sure helps when you have a crazy day!
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  1. This is both street smart and intelligent.

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