Packaging goodies

When my husband and I were barely married a month, we both found ourselves out of work.  Since it was also Christmastime and we knew we couldn’t spend money on gifts for family and friends, I made candy boxes.
Everyone loved them so much, they became a tradition.
I wanted to share some tricks for packaging.  I prefer to use boxes over paper plates and such.  It’s easier to package and stack and makes for a nicer delivery.
I buy the boxes at restaurant supply stores pretty cheaply (United Grocers Cash and Carry or something like that usually has them.)
I also use jumbo or extra large paper liners for muffin tins.  You can also find these at restaurant supply stores extremely cheap.
I fill the boxes with the muffin liners filled with different treats and if I have sugar cookies I place those on top.
I have found that fudge works well to wrap larger piece tightly in plastic wrap instead of cutting into smaller pieces. It won’t dry out and people can cut how ever much they want off.
I make a document with multiple lists of the box contents, then cut apart into tags and tie to box.


I also have used this printable here, along with a list of the box contents.
I like to use some Christmas paper or washi tape to attach the two tags.
As for what to put in the boxes, I prefer to stick with some more old-fashioned sweets and candies.  Also, things you can make in larger batches helps as well, like fudges and caramels.
Look under my confections category here for more ideas.
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