“Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” Birthday Party

Mr R

My girl is Mr. Rogers #1 fan.  I sincerely doubt anyone could ever love him more than her!  Part of having autism means that when you like something, you generally REAAAAALLY like something. 🙂  I am quite grateful that she loves the show so much though, since it has been a huge part of her overcoming fear and anxiety about things like going to the doctor.
I had NO luck finding fun information online or anywhere for throwing a Mr Rogers themed party so I wanted to share it here in case anyone else wants to do one!  These ideas would work well for doing a “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” themed party as well.

I used a poster we have in our homeschool classroom to decorate, and some bunting from the Circus party.    Her invites were simple, with a picture of trolley and said “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a party… won’t you come to Amelia’s birthday party?”  and all the information.

We served a simple lunch I decided to make cake pops in the shape of her favorite characters from the show.  “X the owl” was one of my favorites.  I think he turned out pretty good. 🙂
x the owl

Behind each characters cake pop I made a sign to go with them.  X the owl always said “Nifty Galifty”!
Henrietta Pussycat was invited too of course…

They were “meow meow yummy” all right. 🙂


And we couldn’t forget Daniel striped tiger!
daniel striped tiger
And last but not least, don’t forget Mr. McFeely!
I just had to add some “Speedy Delivery” tags 🙂
mr mcfeely


For the activity we decorated cookies, Amelia’s favorite activity.
Truth be told, all the kids love doing it too.  One of the best kids activities ever.
Each kid got their own tray with frosting, sprinkles, and sugar cookies.  I made Mr Rogers themed shapes, like an owl, crown for king friday, fish- for the fish Mr Rogers always fed in the show, sneaker, trolley-this was made by slightly adapting a train car cutter I had.  I was going to do a stop light and sweater, but forgot.

And the cake was a no brainer.  Amelia was ADAMANT on having an “orange tiger cake”.  I made it 3 layers, using 2 for the face, and cutting 2 circles for the ears from the other one. (I cut off the bottom third for each ear).  I frosted it orange, then used marshmallow fondant to roll out and make the details.
daniel tiger cake

She loved it!

Mr. Rogers himself stopped by 😉
Is he not the best Daddy ever?!  I found him a sweater and some sneakers at a second hand store, and the girls picked out a trolley tie pin for him for his birthday. 🙂  My little one wanted to be Mr. McFeely for the party, so I whipped together the mailbag and hat for her the morning before the party.

I used her gifts to decorate for the party as well, and I can’t rave enough about the neighborhood trolley from Holgate Toys.  It has a lifetime warranty too.

My mom got her this sweet snowglobe, she just loves it.
I got lucky and also found some vintage Mr Rogers puppets and books on ebay at a good deal as well.
We also played a CD of him singing during the party.

For the favors I got the kids these travel cups and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood pencils, again from the Fred Rogers Company.
And they also have Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood cups if you go that route.
Ugga Mugga friends!

Resources for Mr Rogers products:
The Fred Rogers Company Store: they have shirts, pins, cups, pencils, soup mugs, cds, books, you name it.  We have looked everywhere for a cd of Mr Rogers himself singing, and finally found it here.  Alot of pretty inexpensive items as well.

Holgate Toys
: They have a whole section for Mr Rogers toys! Excellent warranty and customer service.  I had ordered her trolley through a store on Amazon, but it came broken.  I called Holgate and they sent a replacement to me directly, making sure I got it before her birthday.  I will definitely be ordering from them again!

PBS Kids
:  They have some e-cards, coloring pages, printable sheet music, etc.

You could also look on Ebay and such for vintage books,  puppets, etc.

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  1. Amazing party!! You are so creative.

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