Minute Sausage Patties

Have you heard of “minute steaks”?  They are little steaks which cook up extra quick.  This is my sausage version.  I don’t particularly love freezer meals, since they really never do taste quite as good as before they were frozen.  Instead I freeze components to make quick meals.  Breakfast included.
I rarely think to un thaw meat, especially for breakfast.  And honestly, we don’t usually have meat every morning and when we do, I really don’t want to serve my family large amounts of meat.
This is a great way to have smaller portions of meat and honestly, my hubby and kids don’t miss it.
I have gotten more than 12 patties out of a pound, but you could up the amount of meat used in your patties if you want.
These make it so quick and easy and I even use them for quick dinners in a pinch.
I serve them with biscuits or english muffins and eggs for breakfast sandwiches.
ground sausage (We buy ours from Butcher Boys here locally)
Measure meat into desired patty size (I weigh or use a scoop, or shape into a log and slice thinly).
Put between two pieces of wax paper or plastic wrap and flatten out very thin.
Flash freeze by laying single layer on a cookie sheet and freeze for a few hours, or until frozen.
Then put in a ziplock and label.  OR stack in a freezer container without flash freezing, just seperate by a piece of parchment or wax paper.
When ready to cook, just put in a pan frozen.  Because they are very thin they will cook through quite quickly and there is no need to unthaw first.
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