Mini Ruffle Cakes


I made these for a “Pink tea” for my daughters and a couple friends, but they would be great for Valentine’s Day or you could change the flavor/color for lots of purposes.  I piped and served them on small red saucers, but little teacup saucers would be cute too.
You could do this with any kind of cake, (I used strawberry here), and your favorite buttercream recipe (I tinted pink here).

Just bake your cake in a jelly roll or 9 by 13 pan, depending on size you need.

Cut cake out using a circle cutter (I used a 3 inch circle).  I did 2 circles for each serving, but you could do one as well.
Use a petal tip to frost (I used the Wilton 103 tip, but any petal tip will work.  Just keep in mind the size of the petal tip will determine the depth of the ruffles.)

Pipe or spread some frosting on a round of cake.
Place another round on top, making a mini 2-layer cake.
You could do a thin coating of icing now before piping the petals, but I didn’t because the frosting was going to be thick enough on them.
With the largest end of the tip at the cake, and the smallest end of the tip away from the cake, pipe in a zigzag motion up the cake and onto the top, ending in the middle. (Decrease into the center of the top.)
Continue going around the cake.  Top with a small swirl.


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