Mickey Mouse Party

I’m attempting to go through my pictures and catch up on getting them printed… and I keep finding pictures I meant to post here… and thought I did… but never had. :p  Blogging is probably not the best hobby for me.  🙂
A couple years ago my daughter was quite in love with anything Mickey Mouse so of course that was her theme for her birthday party.
I came up with a few cute and easy treats to go with that theme.
For the cake I did 3 layers.  2 for the cake and one I cut out a large circle and 2 smaller circles for a mickey shape.  First I frosted the cake yellow, then placed the 3 circles on top and carefully frosted it red.  Added some Mickey sprinkles and 2 skewers…



Then covered the skewers with some striped paper straws…




Then added some bunting.  Made from string, paper, and scrapbooking stickers.




For the candy cups I made some cups from red candy melts using my chocolate cup mold:


After the red was set I placed a scoop of fruity pebble rice crispy treats in each:


Then I dipped the top of each in melted semi sweet chocolate.

Before the chocolate set I added 2 m & m’s for ears, then used a little chocolate for glue to add some large sprinkles to the red cups for buttons.


I also made some with chocolate bases, white chocolate on top, and sprinkled with mickey sprinkles.



For the Oreo pops I added a popsicle stick to the middle of each cookie and used chocolate to “glue” in some ears. (Mini oreos).



Add the top back on…



And add a ribbon.  Or dip in chocolate first.



The favors were simple.  Made ears from cheap headbands and some felt, the gloves were from the dollar tree in the makeup section, and some Mickey coloring sheets and a ball.



Put each in a red bag (I got a set of them super cheap.. I think at Michaels?)  I had a mickey mouse paper punch so I used that to decorate the tags.





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