McCann’s Irish Oatmeal

Steel cut oats are the inner kernel, or oat groat and have only had the outer shell or hull removed.
They include the endosperm, bran and germ.
Quick cooking Irish oatmeal is Steel cut oats that have been steamed and rolled. They still include the endosperm, bran, and germ.
I really prefer them to other varieties.  Healthy, with a wonderful subtle nutty flavor. The quick cooking Irish oatmeal is really delicious toasted to top just about anything, as you see in my berry flummery recipe. They are also delicious in baked goods, cookies, or just as plain oatmeal. I used them in my Irish soda bread recipe, and in my Irish apple cake as well.
The quick cooking oatmeal is more easily incorporated in recipes, but I encourage you to try the steel cut as well. Visit McCann’s Website for more history and information.
I find them locally at Whole Foods.

here we have McCann’s quick cooking Irish oatmeal on the far left, quick oats in the middle, and regular rolled oats on the far right. As you can see, the quick oats are the closest to the quick cooking Irish oatmeal, but there is definitely some difference. The closest substitution for the quick cooking Irish Oatmeal would be quick oats, but if you can, I really recommend using the Irish variety when at all possible. And don’t think about buying any brand other than McCann’s. They’re my absolute favorite oats. Sometimes, companies are around for a long time for a reason.
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  1. You're totally right!
    Thanks for the reminder for a great St. Patrick's Day!


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