Mailing Treats

My friend Tracy gave me some great tips for mailing treats and I thought this would be a good time to share them, when some of you might be wanting to mail some homemade treats to loved ones for the holidays.

Tracy’s husband has served overseas so she has had a lot of experience mailing baked goods!   My dear friend Carrie was serving in Afghanistan this year for a bit so I knew just who to ask for tips!  Carrie said everything got there in great condition, so I think I’ll stick to using these tips every time now.
I packed cookies in stacks as high as my disposable containers (which you can get at the dollar tree pretty cheap here).  I could 4 stacks for each square container.  I double wrapped each stack in plastic wrap and fit snugly inside the containers.  Then for added protection I double wrapped the containers tightly with plastic wrap in case the lids popped off.  If you are sending to a particularly hot area you may want to stay away from chocolates and such that melt easy, but baked goods are usually safe.






Line the bottom of the box with  candy, magazines, etc (or some bubble wrap) then place the containers on top.  Line the top again with bubble wrap or candy or whatever.






The disposable containers seem to do quite well in keeping things from being crushed or crumbling from the jostling about.  I think also having things fit snug so they don’t have room to jostle about in the box is important.
I shipped using the flat rate Priority Mail, this was the cheapest, and also the easiest to me since I didn’t have to worry how heavy the box got.  I actually measured the box before buying the disposable containers to make sure I got ones that fit well.

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