Lego Party!


I’ve heard alot of backlash lately for the Lego Friends line, but in my opinion it’s not a bad thing.  My Lucy loves animals.  And many of their sets include animals, if not involved totally around animals.  When she got the Lego friends pet saloon she took it apart and rebuilt it to be an aquarium with a dolphin exhibit.  I’m not crazy about the girl figures, but they don’t offend me either.  When she turned 7 she knew just what kind of party she wanted.  Lego!  These ideas would work easily for a boy too, you could change the colors to primary too for classic lego, but since my daughters favorite color is pink we went with that. 🙂  We stayed within our rule for birthday parties, which is they have to be very inexpensive things we make ourselves together.  This makes for a much more memorable party when your child is helping to make everything.

I printed some simple invitations using this free Lego Block font and this free Lego Brix font on white cardstock.
I cut out on the top and bottom to look like the lego head shape.


My daughter decorated the front of the invitations.  She really enjoyed this part.

I made a small birthday banner on pink cardstock (again using the lego blocks font).  The little tabs on top I left longer so they could fold over the ribbon to hang.

My daughter and I made this together to hold the silverware and napkins, with L for Lucy and 7 since it was her 7th birthday.

I used these molds from Amazon to make some mini chocolate lego figures and bricks. We used candy melts and covered the backs with sprinkles.
For some sandwiches all you need is a small circle cutter and a knife to cut squares or rectangles.  We made some lego fairy bread (a birthday tradition in our house) using frosting as the “glue” for the sprinkles.  And some peanut butter and honey ones as well.  Just use frosting or peanut butter to “glue” the dots on.


You can make lego cookies using any square cookie or graham cracker and mini marshmallows cut in half for the dots.  I coated ours in candy melts leftover from the Lego Head Marshmallow Pops.  We also dipped pretzel rods in melted candy melts and added sprinkles and big candy hearts.


And of course the Lego Head Marshmallow Pops!


We covered juice boxes with colored paper and taped dots on using mounting tape so they popped out a bit.



The cake was so easy.  Lucy did most of it herself even.  I baked a cake in a 9 by 13 pan and cut a 9 inch square out for the cake.  We used jumbo marshmallows cut in half for the circles on top, but you could also cut them out of cake.  Lucy put her name in Lego candy on the front of the cake.



Using the leftover cake we cut squares out and covered them with frosting, then more lego candy.


For the activity each girl had a tray with choices for making a ring.  I bought the rings with blanks at Craft Warehouse, but you can find them online as well.  We went to our local used lego store and sorted through the bins and found pieces that would work for the rings, except the flowers, which I found cheap on Ebay.


It quickly became a game of “how many things can you fit on your lego ring?” 🙂


My Lego lover was very happy!

While I don’t think it’s necessary to do a “favor” for every party, especially since they each got a ring to take home, we found enough of the pieces to make a heart for each friend.  We strung them on some ribbon and made these boxes to hold them.



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