Laptop Lunches Bento Box review (AND COUPON CODE!)

I recently have done a lot of research trying to find some bento boxes for my family.  I love the idea of food being seperated, espcially for Amelia, since that is something Autistic kids struggle with.  After a lot of looking around, I settled on the bento box system from Laptop Lunches.  And I am super happy with them.

While I don’t normally post on a friday night, (especially when I’m trying to get the site looking decent… still working on that one) I have a sweet deal for you I had to share!  

Laptop Lunches is offering my readers a discount of 10%!   Just use the coupon code ” msabts” , good through September 1st.  

I purchased the “bento lunch box 2.0”  which includes the outer case, and 5 inner containers, 2 lg containers (1 with a lid), 2 medium containers (1 with a lid), and a small dip/sauce container with a lid.)
I also added an extra large container (look under replacement parts for these)  which you can swap out the 2 lg containers for, or add for days you need another container.  You can also buy “bento buddies”, which are extra containers that include one of the extra large containers, but for us we just wanted the extra large one for extra and not the others.

I wasn’t sure  they would be large enough, but I have been pleasantly surprised and even realized other containers I’ve used didn’t hold nearly as much as I thought.  I have noticed a whole apple is usually too big to fit with the lid closed, but I just leave those on the side.  As you can see from the picture above, I use them with liquidy foods, like leftover posole  with no issues with leaking at all.  The lids hold everything in very well, I never have to worry even if it’s carried on it’s side about leaking.

The dip/sauce container is amazing for condiments, dressings, dips, etc.  Sometimes I put a little balsamic vinegar and garlic olive oil in one for a dressing and I’m still amazed it doesn’t leak out!  I sometimes use this for dark chocolate dipped berries for a treat in hubby’s lunch too.

Amelia loves having foods separated, so these work really well for her.
Not only autistic kids, but kids with sensory issues in general tend to have a lot of issues with foods mixing.  The bento box takes that stress away so you can focus on getting them to eat more healthy, not worrying about a “mixing” meltdown.

Here you can see the extra large container compared with the outer case.

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