How to… Butterfly a Chicken Breast

Okay, this is how I prepare both chicken and pork chops (from boneless pork sirloin chops) for Parmesan Chicken or breaded pork chops, shnitzel or anything like that. I also do this for my chicken kiev.  Alot of recipes will just tell you to “pound out chicken (or pork)”.  But I find results are much better if you butterfly it open first, you can get a nice thin cutlet alot easier.  If you are using frozen chicken, you can partially thaw them, then cut.  While partially frozen may be a little easier to cut, but I do it either way without any problems. Now, lets get started!

First, lay boneless skinless chicken breast flat on a cutting board.  Now, at the fattest section, insert knife, in the middle.  Use your other hand to hold chicken flat on board.

Keep cutting through, making sure you hold the chicken breast down flat on the board.

Keep going…. careful to leave one long side uncut.

Stop just short of cutting through that edge.

Now, open it up…

And there you go, one butterflied chicken breast.

Now, I usually cut it in half, it’s a better portion size.

Now, to pound it out thinner, I lay the cutlet out flat and cover with a double layer of plastic wrap.  Now, pound out with a mallet, but don’t go crazy or you’ll have shredded chicken! (Use the flat side)

If you don’t have a mallet, improvise with a heavy skillet or such.

See, I knew you could do it! : )

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