Hot Dog Cookies and Cookie Fries


These are super easy.  Super fun.  Perfect to make with your kids!  They went perfectly with our daughter’s Scooby-Doo themed birthday party.  I used homemade sugar cookie dough, but even store bought is fine. Divide the dough into thirds.  Color one third red for the hot dog, leave the other 2 thirds uncolored for buns and fries.
Divide one third into however many hot dogs you are making to make the buns.
To shape the buns, make an oval shape and cut down the middle, not quite all the way through.


Divide the red to make the hot dogs.


Shape into tiny hot dogs and place in the center of the “buns”.


I chilled mine so they would hold their shape better.  Then baked at 350 for about 9 minutes.
After they cooled I added a squiggle of yellow frosting for “mustard”.


For the fries, roll out the remaining third of uncolored dough on a silicone mat thinly (about 1/4″)
Cut into “fries”.


Bake and cool.  We made little paper fry pouches and lined them with checkered parchment.



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