Herc Oven XXL

Herc oven XXL

We recently had our power go out twice.  We’ve had some crazy windstorms around here.  Luckily, we weren’t without power for long, but I was immediately grateful we have this!  (Now flashlights and batteries… got to work on keeping those where I can find them!)
I think this is such a genius product.    It’s an oven… that runs on TEA LIGHTS.  Yep, tea lights.  That means you can run it 24/7, you don’t need sunlight like a solar oven, you don’t even have to use it outside!  There are no fumes, except of course the yummy bread baking.  I am so impressed with this thing.  And while we got it for emergencies we break it out and use it on occasion just for kicks.  So zombie apocalypse, bring it on.  😉

Titan Ready Water is the company name and right now he’s offering a crazy deal, $50 off their Helius Rocket Stove, $30 off the Eco Herc, and a whopping $90 off the Herc Oven XXL (this is the one I have).  Did I mention you can not only bake bread in this, you could even roast a WHOLE turkey? Oh, and it folds up to about 2 inches thick!

Herc Oven XXL

Click on the links below for the PDF flyers for more information about each product and the sale prices.


Eco Herc flyer


HELIUS Rocket Stove

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