Heartbreakers! (Valentine Pouches)

I thought it would be fun to make a pouch for valentines instead of an envelope, so we’d have room to put some fun things inside, like the Halloween Pouches.
We put some valentine jokes, heart suckers, a couple chocolates, and some stickers inside.
Here’s the pdf:  valentine pouches

You could also just freehand cut hearts out.  I sewed ours together, using red paper (I think it would be cute to do pink for girls too, especially if you do different stickers for boys and girls).
I rough cut the hearts out and placed on a piece of brown kraft paper and sewed around (I did some where I sewed on the line, some I sewed inside the line and used the line as a cut guide.)
Leave a space when sewing to insert the treats, then finish enclosing.
Cut out either with decorative scissors or plain.
If you don’t fill them very full, you could also just glue the hearts together.  Either way it’s fun for the kids to rip them open.

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