Have a Heartfelt Christmas

Are you ready for T DAY?! 
Some of my favorite holiday memories from my childhood involve service.  Giving or receiving, it is the gift of yourself that is most special.
I want to make sure my daughters learn well the importance of being kind and giving service, like I did in my childhood.
So this year we made a bunch of heart ornaments (I made mine from wool felt, but even simple paper hearts would do).   I filled a box to go under the tree and we after we decorated placed it under the tree and had a family discussion about what it means to be kind to others, and the importance of having a kind heart.
When someone has done a kind deed, they get to put a heart on the tree.
My little Lucy has made it her mission to have a kind heart and I love seeing her focus on service this Christmas.
It is easy to over think kindness and service.  While taking a sick friend dinner or buying gifts for a family in need are important, for a little 6 year old, realizing that all the little things she does with kindness matter too.  Helping her Nana with something, helping me help an elderly person load their groceries at the grocery store, sharing with her sister.
And yes, I did all ready decorate for Christmas.  🙂  I love Thanksgiving, and we will celebrate it well.  For my dears, Christmas season is about the decorations and lights even more than the presents.  So I gifted them an extra couple weeks to enjoy it this year.
If you feel stressed or overwhelmed this holiday season just remember that the most magical moments happen when you simplify and share your heart with those in your life, and those you come in contact with.
May you have a heartfelt Christmas!

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  1. I love this!

  2. Thank you, Holly for the lovely and Heartfelt message!!!
    May you and your sweet mother and family have a joyous holiday season!!!
    <3 Dolores

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