Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentines Day!
I knew my hubby wasn’t going to have time this week to go to the mall and wait in line to get my favorite chocolate…. so when I was there getting my girls some clothes…
Is it wrong I told her to gift wrap it… even though it’s for me?
But it’s so much better to open the wrapping and see that box…
yummm… I guess I should share….
Here…. I’ll eat this one just for you….
And maybe I’ll get in one or two more before my two year old and hubby with their sweet tooths discover it… : )
And I have to say I love my hubby, even when he drives me crazy, lets the kids eat too much licorice, doesn’t have time to get my favorite chocolate for v day, and fidgets more than anyone in the history of the world.  I’m grateful for such a great husband who loves me and his daughter’s more than anything, and proves it by how he treats us.
Thanks Honey! We love ya!
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  1. Cindy Wagner says:

    He's a real sweety!!!

  2. Treat Queen says:

    Thanks for eating that one for me!! It was delicious!!

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