“Happy” Autism Awareness Day!

Happy Autism Awareness Day!  I had started writing this long post, then realized I was really just venting. 🙂  Which I suppose is fine occasionally, but today, I just wanted to ask everyone who reads this to try to be a little more aware of both children and adults around them who might act a little “different”.  As my girl is getting older, (or taller rather, at 9 she’s all ready as tall as I am!), I’m noticing its harder for some we come in contact with to be understanding of her behavior.  She may not answer you if you talk to her.
She might say “Hi!” to a total stranger in a store, or ask someone for a hug.
So please, remember that if someone doesn’t act or talk like you do, maybe there’s a good reason.
And adults with special needs are still someone’s baby.
And for pete’s sake, if you have advice keep it to yourself unless you really have something useful to share.  The mountain of advice I receive on a daily basis is ridiculous.  The most offensive is from complete strangers who think that just because they have a neighbor who has a cousin who has a son who has a friend with high-functioning Asperger’s that they would of course know way more about what is best for my daughter than I would.  I mean, who knew you could put pink glasses on a child with severe autism and cure them?!  Thank you complete stranger!
I so appreciate the support and love we get from friends and family, and don’t mind their questions or sharing something they read about or whatever.  But those are people who know and love me and my girl.
So if you feel the need to help someone you don’t know, just remember that usually the best thing anyone can give anyone else is non-judgment.
Okay, so I ended up venting a little.  Sorry.
Give a smile to a stranger today, for my Amelia.   She would give you one.

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  1. This is the perfect way to break down this inrtimaofon.

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