Hand Grinder and Cracked Wheat Bread

I came across these pictures today, buried in the surplus of recipes to share.  I think they are from over a year ago!  I really love this grinder we bought from our trusty food storage expert, Jan at Healthy Harvest(On a side note, I’ve known Jan from when I was a young kid and she was a friend of my parents.  Amazingly knowledgable and willing to help you learn! If you have any questions give her store a visit!)
I’ve been wanting a hand grinder for some time now, since my wheat grinder doesn’t allow me to change the coarseness of the grind.  This one was so easy my baby could do it!  (And she totally loved helping too!)
As you can see we ground it fairly coarse.
To make cracked wheat bread, just substitute up to one half of the wheat in your favorite whole wheat bread recipe with a coarser ground wheat.  It adds a great nuttiness and heartier feel to the bread.
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