Halloween Treat Pouches

I saw these on Pinterest and while I don’t have the time to make a few hundred for trick or treaters, I knew I could make a few for my daughter’s close friends.  They really enjoyed decorating and filling them and I think an older child would easily be able to do the small amount of sewing involved.
These would be fun to make to send family members who don’t live close by, or for a class party as well.

Paper, I used white kraft paper, but you could use whatever, even brown kraft paper or brown sacks
Fillers (small candy, Halloween jokes, toys, stickers, etc)
Google eyes and markers as desired for decorating

1. Make a template for the shape you want.  I did half in the shape of candy corn and half for ghosts.  Keep in mind what you will be filling them with so they will be big enough.
2.  Trace onto paper and cut out (1 for each pouch)
3. Place on a piece of paper for backing and sew 1/4 inch from the edge, leaving a couple inches unsewn.
4. Cut out backing.
5. Decorate the front of the pouches.

6.Place fillers inside pouches through the opening.  I used some foam jack-o-lantern stickers from Michael’s, pumpkin confetti from Target, candy and spider rings, and Halloween jokes printed from here.

7. Sew opening closed.  Done!

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