Gnocchi with Bolognese

Have you made some gnocchi yet?  I know its good, but I am still shocked at how crazy people go over it when I serve it!  I recently made over 1000 little gnocchi for a church dance and they were SERIOUSLY a hit.  After making the first couple hundred I saved my sanity by skipping the marking and rolling step on the rest.  I served them with Gorgonzola cream sauce with ham, but I want to share another way to serve them.
(Which happens to be my hubby’s favorite way).  And since both the gnocchi and sauce can be frozen, this is the tastiest freezer dinner I can think of.  I keep bolognese in my freezer at ALL times since my hubby is kinda addicted to it. 
Bolognese sauce
Parmesan, for serving
Heat bolognese in a pot, add milk or cream to sauce if desired. (I usually freeze mine without the milk since it freezes better, then add when serving). Keep warm on stove.
Drop the gnocchi into a pot of boiling water (you should have frozen them unboiled, as specified in my recipe). Boil just 2-3 minutes, until gnocchi float.
When done, add to pot of sauce.  Toss to coat, serve with Parmesan cheese.
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