Freezer Tip! (precooked beef)

I thought we’d start out the week with a great tip.
I buy ground beef from a great butcher locally (It’s SUPER lean too, just how we like).
I have them package it in vacuum sealed bags in 1 pound portions for the freezer, and I also get some bulk and pre-cook.
I just cook it in batches, make sure all the fat is drained off –
(Mine is so lean that I have almost none to drain off.)
Then I portion it into freezer containers
(I buy take-out containers that are freezer-safe from Cash and Carry, they’re inexpensive, reusable, and work great. You can get them in pint and quart sizes).
Cover, label and freeze.
This comes in so handy when we need a quick meal.
For taco salad I unthaw a container in the microwave quickly, then saute it with a little water and taco seasoning.  Or maybe you need some quick sloppy joes?  Or nachos? Just think about dishes you use ground beef in and could use some time shaved off of the prep.
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