Favorite Places: Candy Babel


One of our new favorite discoveries is this sugary sweet gem of a store, Candy Babel.  It’s a dream come true for any kiddo (or kiddo at heart too!).
It’s an old school candy shop, complete with all the glass candy containers to make your heart flutter. 🙂
I love that the bulk candies are down lower where little ones can pick what they want.  Paper bags can be filled with lots of delicious nostalgic (and not to mention high quality and superb tasting) treats.  For little ones learning about money, this is a great shop as well, since they can pick any 10 bulk candies for $1.  (Make sure to plan on staying close to little ones to make sure they use the scoops and tongs too)
My girls love picking out their candy, and there are so many fun ones to pick from! Pink pigs, gummy whales, red scotty dogs, black and white cows, or maybe your little ones would like the Halloweeny gummy skulls 🙂



And then there is this section that makes MY heart flutter…  The licorice section. 🙂  The best licorice selection I’ve ever found, and I can be a bit of licorice snob!  You have to try the dark chocolate lentils (think a skinny skittle shaped candy, with dark chocolate and licorice flavor) YUM!  Or the chalk licorice… or the licorice covered fennel seeds… who am I kidding? Just grab a bag a get a little of each like I do 😉


And you see those egg shaped confections in the bottom left hand corner of this next picture? You definitely want to get some of those… (And a couple of those black licorice caramels while you’re at it too).


And what cool candy shop is complete without an old school scale to weigh your treats on?


Lucy’s pet was overjoyed with all the treats Lucy got to share with her.  🙂


I think my girls enjoy seeing Amani, the owner as much as they do picking out candy! She is super sweet, just like her store.
I love how patient and attentive to the kids she is and every time we go makes sure to remind them to brush their teeth extra good before bed that night. 🙂


So next time you’re out and about in Portland, make sure you stop in to Candy Babel, one of our favorite places!

Candy Babel is located at 1219 NE Alberta Street Portland, Oregon

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