Fairy Party

fairy party1
This was such a magical little party.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group of little girls so happy.  I think this will remain one of my favorite parties we’ve ever had, just because how happy they all were!  The food was very simple, and just perfect.  The girls loved everything.

-Strawberries dipped in pink candy melts, drizzled with white chocolate and sprinkles.
-Gummy butterflies
-Candy buttons and flowers
-“Fairy Wands” and “Butterflies (Made using candy melts and sprinkles)

-“Fairy Bread”  Basically sprinkles on bread 🙂  You can use butter, cream cheese, whatever to spread on bread and then cover with sprinkles.  I used some frosting left over from the cake and cut into butterflies.
-“Toadstools” I made 2 kinds.  One using miniature marshmallows and candy buttons, using a dab of frosting to glue.  The other using string cheese (cut into chunks) and topped with a cherry tomato half, using cream cheese to glue.

For drinks we had “sparkling flower nectar”.. or a 2 liter of 7 up mixed with a bottle of cranberry juice. 🙂
And “Fairy Milk”.  (Strawberry milk).  I put paper butterflies on the straws and served in mini milk bottles.
For the cake I made 2 small tiers, with a cupcake for the fairy house.  I decorated with marshmallow fondant and candy flowers, and fairies from a fairy toob.
We also made some cupcakes, topping with a tiny fairy house made from marshmallow fondant as well.  These were super easy, just rolled a log of fondant, cut into chunks and cut out flower shapes for the roofs and rectangles for the doors.  And of course some flower sprinkles to finish off 🙂
We got lucky with some dry weather, so I decorated our back patio.  I used some spare sheer curtains on our awning and hung a grapevine wreath from the top and tied some tulle pom poms to that.  I strung some pink tulle around and some butterfly garlands.
For the butterfly garlands, I cut tons of butterflies with my Silhouette Cameo in lots of colors…

Then I sandwiched 2 butterflies and sewed them together, running my thread between each set.  These were super cute, and because I used thread they looked like they were flying.  Only downside is… they got tangled super easy too.  Maybe ribbon would be a better choice.

I made each girl a little flower wreath and some fairy wings.  For the fairy wings I sewed 2 wing shapes together out of a shimmery fabric and enclosed some wire in the edge.  I attached some elastic bands to go around their arms.
For the flower wreaths I hand sewed silk flowers to wide ribbon, then enclosed the ribbon around a loop of wire, and added some long ribbons to trail down the back.
As soon as all the guests arrived, they put on their wreaths and wings and took some snacks outside to eat.
I knew this would be a popular thing, but i had NOOO IDEA how fast they would flock when I said it was time to make fairy gardens!  First, I put out paints and brushes and each girl got a little birdhouse to paint.

My little Lucy with her masterpiece 🙂
After they were painted, I brought out trays with things to fill the fairies garden.
They each got a terra cotta saucer to put their fairy garden in, and we had silk flowers, clay toadstools, rocks with “welcome fairies” written on them, bark, moss, little plastic hearts, shells, pretty much whatever else I found in our craft supplies I thought they would like. 🙂


When the girls left they each took home their fairy garden, wings, flower wreaths, and they each picked a fairy from the fairy toob we had used for decorating to put in their garden.
If you need more fairy garden ideas, you can see my post here on our indoor fairy garden and DIY accessories.

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