Emergency meals.  The need may strike at ANY time, when you least expect it.  When you haven’t been to the grocery store in 2 weeks and are planning to go tomorrow… but now you can’t.  Or maybe you aren’t physically going to be able to make meals that week. 
Or maybe you’re too busy cleaning up vomit from kids.  There are so many reasons why I keep “emergency meals” on hand.  For nothing else, if a friend has an emergency I have something on hand I can run over quickly.  Well, after spending Saturday night in the Emergency Room I am very grateful for my planning ahead.  Even though it turned out to be nothing serious, an outpatient surgery this week, I know I’m not going to be up for making the meals on my menu this week. 
I’m sure many (if not all) of you have had emergencies of you own kind from time to time, so I wanted to share my favorite freezer items for such needs (pantry is a whole other post!)

Freezer Meatballs for pairing with pasta, toss with red sauce for meatball subs, sweet and sour meatballs, you get the idea : )  These babies get alot of use around here!

Minute Sausage Patties Another great freezer item, even my hubby can handle cooking a few sausage patties for breakfast sandwiches or to pair with pancakes.  And the kids LOVE having breakfast for dinner!

Bolognese My hubby swoons over this, and who can blame him? It’s delicious with pasta, with vegetables, or eaten with a spoon (I may or may not have caught him doing this 🙂

Gnocchi amazing with bolognese, or just warmed up plain.

pre-cooked beans while canned beans are a good staple, I really prefer cooking from dried beans.  So I always make some extra to have on hand for a quick chili or baked beans.  I love my pressure cooker to do this, but you can of course do the same on the stove top in a pot.

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