Dress-Up Storage

I saw this on Ana White and loved it.  But knew it would be awhile before I made one.  Then I was cleaning out the garage and saw this bookcase… it was just about the right size.. and why not try? I wasn’t using it as is, and was an old particle board that wouldn’t be missed if I ruined it.




1. I removed the 2 middle adjustable shelves and the brackets holding them.
2. I carefully removed the back and the nails attatching it.
3. Then I attatched the shelves to enlose the bottom, srewing in through the sides of the bookcase, and again through the bottom.
4. Attatched light weight casters to the bottom.
5. I attatched a bracket for a closet rod, and added a rod.
6. Last, I put some inexpensive hooks on both sides (4 for under $1.50 at Home Depot)

Other Ideas: I love how it looks with painted or vinyl lettering, I was thinking “Imagine” would be cute.
I think I’ll be adding a second row of hooks, to fit all the little necklaces and such that get lost.
I added a couple of containers on top, one for hats, and the other for misc small dress-up.  I love that the big tutus can easily fit in the enclosed bottom, I never knew where to put them before!
The bookcase I used was 2′ wide, 1′ deep, and 40″ tall

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