DIY Jewelry Cabinet


This had been on my to-do list for a long time.  My small jewelry cabinet I had didn’t hold any of my longer necklaces or the bulky ones I’ve gotten as gifts from my girls.

I started with a couple of wood cabinet doors I picked up in the IKEA As-is section for a couple dollars each.  (Cheaper than building them!)  While I’m pretty comfortable with simple woodworking, I wasn’t so sure the doors would come out looking as nice.  When I saw them I knew it was time to make that jewelry cabinet I’d been wanting to make and they made it much quicker!
I made a simple frame using pine 1 x 4 and my kreg jig.  Then I added a back with a scrap piece of 1/4″ plywood.  I picked up some small hardwood trim pieces for the dividers and put the hooks in.  This probably took the longest!
Then I painted, attached, and added some stenciling.  I didn’t love the stenciling, but I didn’t hate it either.  I figured it would be partially covered anyways so I left it.
The chains on the right side are for pins and earrings… which I’m not sure why I went to the trouble… since I don’t have pierced ears!


A close up of the hooks.  I used inexpensive hooks, predrilling made it a little easier.


The little ceramic hand ring holder was my Grandmother’s and I love that it has a place where it won’t get broken!


I covered a piece of foamcore with fabric and glued it to the inside of the door for pins.


I added the drawers from my old jewelry cabinet along the bottom for little things.  And there you go, contained mess!
Can you spot the gifts from my daughters?! 😉


I added some glass knobs and a ledge shelf, using Ana White’s plan, for whatnot.


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