Cooking with kids

This week I taught a free class for the women in my church on quick meals and menu planning.
I’m always surprised after teaching a class at how many people come up to give me a hug and thank me and genuinely seem to have really enjoyed it and learned something.  I always feel like I forgot to say so many things, or should have done things differently.  I suppose that’s the perfectionist in me though.
I ended up talking a fair amount about the importance of family dinner time, and how grateful I am that I grew up in a house where it was a priority.
And while I try to involve both my girls, Lucy is definitely the one with the most interest in cooking.
She runs to help as soon as I go in the kitchen, with her apron in hand.
I found these pictures from a while ago, and I was thinking about what great memories Lucy will have as an adult (both my girls actually), and how she will have the skills to be able to cook for herself and those she loves.  Dinner time is a very special time for me and my family.  It’s our time.  Time to unwind, be together, and talk about our days.  And I love that my girls love helping me get the dinner made and on the table.
It is worth every flour spill and mashed bread loaf.
And yes, she is panting like a puppy.  This was her “puppy” phase. : )
So, what are you cookin with your cupcakes today?  I know that there are no better helpers I want in my kitchen, even if we make a big mess and take twice the time in the process.
Besides, how can I resist that cute puppy? : )
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