Come ere….

“Come ere, come ere, come ere” she says softly, wrapping her arms around me.
Her words like thick syrup, coating my hungry heart.
“I wuv you…I WUV you!”  She lets me hug her extra-tight, just how she likes. 

I know she is repeating the words from the story she likes.  Does it matter? Those words…THOSE words…  how long I waited to hear those words.  Even if she doesn’t fully understand them, she’s saying them.  She only started saying “I love you” about 6 months ago. After she turned 6 years old. 
Every time she says it, I just want time to stand still.

How my heart ached when I first saw her tiny hands… how I instantly knew I would have to be her fierce protector. 
And now, to be able to hear her say “mommy” again, and “I love you” regularly… It makes everything worth it.  Not to mention that she actually seems to LIKE affection now.  There was a time Amelia wouldn’t let anyone hardly touch her, let alone hug her. 
Amelia is one amazing girl… who happens to have autism.  But autism is definetely not the most important thing about her.

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