Cheddar, Ham, and Apple Panini

My family loves the combination of apple and cheese and ham.  Panini sandwiches are one of our favorite easy meals.  They are easy to customize for each person, inexpensive, and delicious!

Panini Sandwiches with Cheddar, Ham and Apple
Firm artisan bread (I used Pugliese stye, from Costco)
Cheddar cheese, sliced or shredded
Apple, cored and sliced
Honey Mustard

This is the bread I use, I buy it at Costco, and I think it’s a pretty decent loaf. And it comes in a pack of two, so I use one loaf for paninis and one to make croutons (post to follow).

Now, slice it into desired thickness, I do about 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick.

I get them allready to go at the same time. While assembling, I get my Cuisinart Griddler heating up. If you don’t have one, or a different panini press, use a heavy skillet instead (cast iron would be best.) and when you put the sandwiches in, you can put another heavy pan on top to press the sandwiches. (If you use this method, go ahead and get both skillet hot, so you’ll sear both sides at once.
Okay, to assemble:
1. Spread one side of half of the bread slices with butter, and lay buttered side down.
2. Spread other side with honey mustard.

3. Layer on some cheddar cheese
4. Then ham
5. Then apple slices

6. Now top with more cheddar cheese

7. Now, spread remaining bread with butter on one side, honey mustard on the other.
8. Put bread, honey mustard side to the inside of sandwich, on top.
Cook until cheese is melted, eat hot.

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