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I’m so excited to have this done!  I couldn’t find what I wanted online allready so I made my own and wanted to share with you all too.
In my great grandmother’s journal she would record all of her canning and I remember as a kid finding this amazing to read.  (Since they were farmers the numbers were pretty big of course!)  As a newlywed I wanted to carry this on so I tried to keep track, with mixed results every year.  So I’ve finally made a binder to keep it in with my favorite recipes in sheet protectors as well.  I know I’ll remember since it’s all together and handy.  I love looking back and seeing what I’ve accomplished all recorded.  It’s also helpful when trying to remember which recipe I used when I made something we just loved.
I made a few options for the cover page since I thought all the images were so perfect and couldn’t decide and both artist’s agreed to let me use their artwork.
And plenty of links for other helpful things to add in as well!
I’m making a few for gifts for canning friends and found the cute mason jar cookie cutters at Cost Plus World Market to tie on as well.    Hope this comes in handy for you all as well!


A few options for the cover page:
From Art by Amanda Hillburn:
Watercolor jar canning journal cover (Thanks Amanda!)

Or this one using images from Aimee at Twigg Studios:

Hand painted canning journal cover   (Thanks Aimee!)


canning journal

Or if you’d rather the title was food preservation journal.

And some other handy things to have in the binder:

This Ball Produce Purchase Guide is so handy to have in sheet protectors and easy to find instead of sifting through my canning books.


Dating a Ball Jar, Logo history  just for fun.  I have some of my Grandmother’s old jars and I have been shocked to realize how old some of them are!  Even more amazing is how good of condition they are in and to think how many times they’ve been used!

And of course print off some of these cute labels and have on hand in a pocket:

Adorable “Canned with Love” labels

Super fun labels that you can make into shrinky dinks!

And if that’s not enough, here’s a link to a ton more labels and tags

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