Birthday Lunch

I had a birthday this week, and since my hubby has the week off we took the opportunity to go on a lunch date.  I loved the places we went so much I had to share with you all!  And if you don’t live near Portland, Oregon… sorry. 
I broke out of my comfort zone a bit and snapped a couple pictures, though I really hate taking pictures in restaurants.  I feel like I’m invading some one’s home and taking pictures.  So while the pictures are limited, you’ll have to trust me that they were amazing!
First we went to Cacao, which was a little tricky to find for the first time, but worth the extra trip around the block.  I found some cacao nibs which I think should be fun for a little recipe experiment, and some Mexican chocolate.  And of course we had to try their hot chocolate.
 It was rich, creamy, and quite good.   I love good hot chocolate that is more chocolaty than sugary, and theirs fit the bill.
Then on to lunch.  We were distracted by food trucks on the way but stuck to our plan to try Blueplate Lunch Counter and Soda Fountain..  I’m so glad we did!  My new favorite restaurant!
We had seen Blueplate featured on an episode of Diners, Drive In’s, and Dives and had wanted to give it a try for awhile now.  Since they make their own sodas, we had to give them a try.  I had the hibiscus soda, made with star anise and allspice.  I’m a bit of a hibiscus junkie, as I drink hibiscus tea all the time, so it easily won me over.  I loved everything about this place, even the dishes.
I tried the BLT salad, and while it was really good (especially the basil dressing), I really loved hubby’s sliders.  Which is a total surprise since I don’t usually like hamburgers!  I liked them so much we had to (okay I, not we) : ) had to come home and re-create them for dinner. 
The last thing that won me over was the dum-dums on every table.  
So if you’re in the Portland area you really should check this place out.  I can’t wait to go back and try something else off the menu!  In my opinion the best food is the least pretentious, just done really, really well.
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