Baby shower cookies

These were a last minute idea.  As in the morning of a baby shower I woke up at 2 am.. well, my daughter was us since 2 am so hence I was as well.  Such is life with autism.
I was going to a baby shower that afternoon for a dear friend and thought I’d pass the time by making something to bring.  Unfortunately, I forgot to put the sugar in the cookie dough.  In the SUGAR COOKIE dough.  Yes, sleep deprivation will melt your brain.  I am proof. :p
I covered it up by using a sugar glaze to frost (plus I didn’t have time or energy to make royal icing).  Next time I would use royal icing, the glaze didn’t harden as much as I wanted it to.  And I would also remember to put the sugar in the SUGAR cookie dough. 🙂
I had some marshmallow fondant hanging around so I decided to use some molds to add decorations.  I used Martha Stewart molds sold for papercrafting but I think they’re safe for the few seconds you have the fondant in to shape them.  Just press a piece into the shape and pop out, then cut out the excess.


I think I’ll be making the flower cookies for other occasions too.  The roses would be pretty in red too I think.  Maybe with some coloring or luster dust painted on the edges.

I could see these decorating a cake too…


And how cute is that quilted heart?  I’m remembering that one for next Valentine’s day for sure.



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  1. Such beautiful cookies – almost a shame to eat them 😉

  2. I’m sure even without the sugar they tasted amazing! That’s the difference between you and I, When I find out I forgot an ingredient they are a loss and end up in the trash but you work your magic and save them.

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