Life can sometimes be a little crazy.. or a lot.  But no matter how busy or crazy my life is one thing has been a constant.  My love of family dinner time.  I’m the youngest in a large family, so I suppose that started it all.
Family dinner time was a ritual we never strayed from.  Always at the table together, never with the TV on, and always homemade.

Then my dad passed away and I was the last one at home, so it was just me and my mom.  Then as a newlywed…  then as a young family with one, then two kids.  At each stage of my life family dinner has remained a constant.

Even when we were broke newlyweds, I would still make dinner as special as I could.  We even planted a garden in front of our duplex (which did surprisingly well!).
Then life started having curve balls.  Amelia, our oldest was almost 2 months premature, and later on was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism.   Dinnertime remained a crucial part of our family life.
Without it I feel like we miss out on that time together.  No matter how bad your day is, you have that to look forward to.
A few years later we had Lucy and she is my shadow in the kitchen.  Sometimes it can get a bit crazy getting dinner to the table, and now that I’m outnumbered I’ve learned the lesson of planning mealtime out better!

I’m lucky to have some great taste testers..  Miss Amelia…

Miss Lucy…

and of course our Charlie Boy..

and my hubby, who is smart enough to go along with all my crazy ideas…

I hope you find some recipes you like here.  I am no photographer and since most the time my pictures are snapped just before dinnertime, don’t expect any works of art. ; )
And since I usually enter recipes while doing a few other things, don’t expect long drawn out descriptions.  You will never hear me call food “sexy”.  (I can’t stand when chefs do that, what’s with that?!)
But if you find it on my blog, I guarantee it is a recipe we love and turns out well.  I like to make my own recipes, so unless otherwise noted they are of my own creation.
And since my favorite hobby is collecting hobbies, I will occasionally add non-food projects if I just can’t stand not sharing. : )
You can contact me at mystainedapron (at) gmail.com